Check you vision before you startup your mission


Entrepreneurs starting a new business focus on the product, the customer, the market, and pricing.  They build out their business canvas model, they pivot, they code and discuss their social media strategy.  AND, If they follow the Stanford startup model, they make sure they do three things:

  1. Do what you can do.
  2. Do what adds value.
  3. Do what others aren’t doing.

Where those three things overlap is the next Instagram or Facebook!

But they are missing one important point.

  • Do you want to do this?

When you are the founder, it’s different than working for someone else.  You are designing your dream job, not applying for a job.  So you better design something that you are passionate about doing, reflects your vision, your passion, your goals and operates by your ground rules.

To answer the question, “Do I want to do this?” requires you to clearly articulate your vision and mission.  These two drive the culture of the company. You may make it to launch without a vision and mission, but you won’t be able to hire a team or engage your customers.

So before you start building your dream product or service, make sure that you take the time to define your culture.  Vision and mission are more than words on a website.  Well defined, they articulate the destination, the language and the core values of your company.

Check your vision before you startup your mission.  Then start building your company.


A little insight

Lovers bow tie detail

Lovers bow tie detail

A little insight

We live in a world where dreams come true with focus and hard work.  Every day is another good day when you walk in the right direction.  AGD Ventures occupies the space where business, art, family, friends, community and a life well lived overlap. We do things that are valuable, that we can do and others aren’t doing.

Our vision and mission drive our choices.


  • Simply Better
  • Dreams Come True
  • Create Legacy
  • Wholelifeistic 


  • Sustainable, Scalable
  • Job Creation
  • For Good, For Profit
  • March on Washington 2063

Our rituals drive our culture.

Ground Rules

  • Respect
  • Be positive, consider negatives
  • Duality exists and both could be right

Good Questions

  • Is it good for our team and the community?
  • Is it simply better?
  • Will it scale?
  • Is it profitable?


  • The hero never gives up.
  • No extra points for degree of difficulty.
  • Be a baker, but own a bakery.
  • Creativity is built upon a standard, not in place of it.

Oh, and bow ties are good, too…