Check you vision before you startup your mission


Entrepreneurs starting a new business focus on the product, the customer, the market, and pricing.  They build out their business canvas model, they pivot, they code and discuss their social media strategy.  AND, If they follow the Stanford startup model, they make sure they do three things:

  1. Do what you can do.
  2. Do what adds value.
  3. Do what others aren’t doing.

Where those three things overlap is the next Instagram or Facebook!

But they are missing one important point.

  • Do you want to do this?

When you are the founder, it’s different than working for someone else.  You are designing your dream job, not applying for a job.  So you better design something that you are passionate about doing, reflects your vision, your passion, your goals and operates by your ground rules.

To answer the question, “Do I want to do this?” requires you to clearly articulate your vision and mission.  These two drive the culture of the company. You may make it to launch without a vision and mission, but you won’t be able to hire a team or engage your customers.

So before you start building your dream product or service, make sure that you take the time to define your culture.  Vision and mission are more than words on a website.  Well defined, they articulate the destination, the language and the core values of your company.

Check your vision before you startup your mission.  Then start building your company.


Propeller Incubator in NOLA

Propeller a force for social innovation

Propeller a force for social innovation

Propeller Incubator in NOLA

I’m excited to visit Danielle Kraus and team in New Orleans this weekend.  Ready to share some best practices adn learn form others involved in Lean for Social Good.  Especially when it is aligned with Another Good Day Ventures vision of For Good. For Profit.

Here’s a little info on Propeller from their website.

The Propeller Incubator is a shared work space offering a relaxed environment to be productive and collaborate with fellow innovators. Our co-working space is home to a creative and diverse group of entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, non-profits, and foundations whose work is making a difference in New Orleans.

Tenants have several work and meeting options to fit their needs. You’ll soon forget why you worked out of coffee shops all those years or kept trying to focus while working from home. Schedule a tour with Incubator Manager Danielle Kraus ( and experience how the Propeller Incubator might be just what you’ve been looking for. Join the 80+ organizations who are currently members.

Good people divided by politics and religion make our county weak.


Our bias binds us and blinds us.  You can start by testing your morals online – just be prepared for the results.

There reason I bring up morals is that most people think that their morals are true, the highest, the best.  I’m not here to disagree, but I challenge you to consider walking in someone else’s morals occasionally.

There is an enormous social and economic divide in the US.  And it’s getting worse.  Everyone is to blame because everybody is sure that their side is right.  The current stalemate threatens our country, undermines our moral high ground and economic standing in the world.  Even more importantly the real threat is at home, here in these great United States.  We need to strengthen our economic engine by developing and integrating a social contract that makes our growth sustainable.  But first we need to share values.

Jonathan Haidt, moral psychologist, explains why liberal Western Educated Industrialized Rich Democratic (WIRED) arguments are weak and conversely, why conservatives don’t listen in the incredible new book, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion. The summary is linked.  Or, I’ll lend you my copy (email me at if you promise to read it and return it. Or, you can buy your own. OR, If you can’t afford your own copy, I’ll buy you a copy. (Limited to the first 100 or so…50 liberals and 50 conservatives, please.)

If we respect other’s point of view, we can renew our social contract and keep our country great.  We all recognize that Media hypes the social divide just as reality TV creates conflict to make it interesting.  But the problems of economic and social justice are real and directly connected to our future.  An interesting side effect of all the shouting is that the real problem with hyperbole and rude interrupting is that you and I end up preaching to or listing to the same choir.

Both sides of an argument need to be articulated well so others listen, not just our own believers.  Haidt does a great job of providing a framework for construction of strong arguments on both sides.  His 6 pillars force a point of view to consider a broader and potentially more balanced argument.

It’s possible BOTH sides are right.

Bobby Kennedy used to say that one-fifth of the people are against you all the time.  He was right. It takes compromise from the 80% in the middle.  The radical 10% will never change.  So it is up to the majority of us to be the change.

Recognize your own bias and practice listen first.   Be respectful and be ready to change your mind – They just may have a valid point or two.  Only then we can begin to move back together – e plurbius unim – one from many.  Once we are understanding each other, we can rebuild the social and economic contract that will keep the United States strong and prosperous for all citizens.

The alternative is failure as a county.

Here is Jonathan Haidt’s TED talk if you need a quick start.

I’m taking book orders.

Lean Impact for Social Good

Lean Impact

Let’s have a cup of coffee.

If you are passionate about a cause


believe that sustainability is best when it is for good


for profit, then I’d like to meet you and hear more.


P.S. I’m buying.

In America yo don't have to do anything.

In America you don’t have to do anything.