What Makes Things Cool? Or Why Everybody Isn’t Cool.


What Makes Things Cool? Or Why everybody isn’t cool.

Interesting research on what makes things cool and why “Just Say No” campaign doesn’t work.  Hint: It may be better to tell adolescents that everybody’s doing it if you wan them to stop.

I wonder how this Journal of Consumer Research could be used to help stop violence against women on campus?

We all wander with asses

Mules heading in the right direction.

Mules heading in the right direction.

We all wander with asses

Sooner or later we all wander around with a pack of asses.  Mule is my new hero because he made the conscious decision to wander around outdoors for 29 years with three asses.   Most people just wake up one day and find themselves in his spot.

So, it’s important that you pursue your passion.  www.3mules.com

Lean Impact for Social Good

Lean Impact

Let’s have a cup of coffee.

If you are passionate about a cause


believe that sustainability is best when it is for good


for profit, then I’d like to meet you and hear more.


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In America yo don't have to do anything.

In America you don’t have to do anything.