What Makes Things Cool? Or Why Everybody Isn’t Cool.


What Makes Things Cool? Or Why everybody isn’t cool.

Interesting research on what makes things cool and why “Just Say No” campaign doesn’t work.  Hint: It may be better to tell adolescents that everybody’s doing it if you wan them to stop.

I wonder how this Journal of Consumer Research could be used to help stop violence against women on campus?

1 is 2 Many – Men Can Stop Sexual Assault on Campus

Men cause rape and men can stop it. Men need to get involved and hold other men accountable. Stop sexual assault. Be part of the solution, guys.

I’m missing 5,998,000 campus rapes?


It’s International Women’s Day March 8.

I’ve been working on a technology initiative to disrupt rape on college campuses. The numbers are staggering: 1 in 5 daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts are sexually assaulted while attending college in the United States.

So, I just pulled the national statistics from the Justice department by college. https://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/182369.pdf

I knew there was an underreporting problem, but that’s a gross understatement. According to the official campus reported statistics, there were about 2,000 sexual assaults nationally out of a population of 56 Million students.

Over 30 Million female coeds and around 2,000 reported. Hmmm? I’ve got some work to do. There appears to be a gap of about 5,998,000 missing reports.

In the interim, Guys…respect women.