Sappho Revisited: Favorite Fragments Sewn Together



This post is for someone who might be a lover of ancient poetry as well as new. I thought you might appreciate the transcendent quality of random Sappho fragments.  Sappho lived over 2,600 years ago in Greece and only portions of her poems exist: fragments.  Socrates, Plato and a host of other biggies, thought she was amazing.  She was know as the greatest poet and songwriter of her time.  But only scraps of parchment exist with phrases of her ancient Greek words.  So there are large gaps in the poetry.  

Anne Carson is a genius. Her translation titled If Not, Winter is beautiful and the work of a poet as well as artist.  The gaps are filled by using brackets [   ] and the spacing and layout is as important as the words.  The space within the space creates incredible understanding and beauty.  

As I read her poetry, I grabbed my favorite fragments – remember that no complete poems exist.  I believed that they could be formed into a contemporary poem simply by stringing them together; the space within the space filled in – sewn together.  Below are 27 favorite fragments, in fragment order, formatted as a new poem. The title comes from the final two fragments 177/187.  Amazing: 2,600 years later.    Thank you, Sappho and Anne Carson.

Transparent dress of the Muses

You came and I was crazy for you
And you cooled my mind that burned with longing
Gathered longing sweat

Might accomplish
I want to hold, said
Not desire, but all at once
Blossom desire too delight

Me more sweetly
And you yourself know
Forget you someone would say

And yes I shall love
As long as there is in me
Will be a care
I say I have been a strong lover

Of all the stars the most beautiful
Cloth dripping
Just now goldsandaled Dawn
I used to wear crowns

May you sleep on the breast of your delicate friend
But me you have forgotten
Or you love some man more than me
Eros the melter of limbs (now again) stirs me –

Sweet bitter unmanageable creature who steals in
I conversed with you in a dream
With what eyes?
Do not move stones

Moon has set
And Pleiades; middle
Night, the hour goes by,
Alone I lie.


If not, Winter by Anne Carson – translation from ancient Greek – kronn favorite fragments as a poem:

48, 74a, 74b, 74c, 76, 78, 88b, 104b, 119, 123, 125, 126, 129a, 129b, 130, 134, 145, 146, 147, 150, 153, 157, 158, 162, 168, 177, 187

Check you vision before you startup your mission


Entrepreneurs starting a new business focus on the product, the customer, the market, and pricing.  They build out their business canvas model, they pivot, they code and discuss their social media strategy.  AND, If they follow the Stanford startup model, they make sure they do three things:

  1. Do what you can do.
  2. Do what adds value.
  3. Do what others aren’t doing.

Where those three things overlap is the next Instagram or Facebook!

But they are missing one important point.

  • Do you want to do this?

When you are the founder, it’s different than working for someone else.  You are designing your dream job, not applying for a job.  So you better design something that you are passionate about doing, reflects your vision, your passion, your goals and operates by your ground rules.

To answer the question, “Do I want to do this?” requires you to clearly articulate your vision and mission.  These two drive the culture of the company. You may make it to launch without a vision and mission, but you won’t be able to hire a team or engage your customers.

So before you start building your dream product or service, make sure that you take the time to define your culture.  Vision and mission are more than words on a website.  Well defined, they articulate the destination, the language and the core values of your company.

Check your vision before you startup your mission.  Then start building your company.


Q. What is the life span of someone with Type 1 Diabetes in Rwanda? A. 11 Months. Action: Time to save lives.


Friends and cyclists.

The average life span of a person diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in Rwanda and many other African countries is only 11 months! We need a cure, but we can save a lot of lives in-between.  

Phil Sutherland, an outstanding advocate for Type 1 Diabetes and an incredible cyclist has set up a new foundation to save lives. The Team Type 1 Foundation compliments the TNN professional cycling team.  The TT1 goal is to saves lives by providing supplies to diabetics in developing countries.  Last year Phil and the team provided 900 BG meters and over 1 million test strips.  They saved lives.  We are going to do a lot more this year.  

Join us June 6.  You can be my guest.  …That’s right, I’ll buy your ticket, you buy one for your friend.  Drinks, food, professional cyclists and world class NCAA athletes and you.

Here’s what’s up.  We are launching the first ever Team Type 1 Global Ambassador program.  We will award scholarships to NCAA athletes with Type 1 Diabetes at the event.  These are world class athletes who will demonstrate to the rest of the world that Type 1 Diabetes doesn’t mean that you can’t be healthy and competitive.  Plus, they will be ambassadors for Team Type 1 globally.  

This is cool stuff.  Please let me know if you can join me next Friday as we launch Team Type 1 Foundation to the world.





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Or call me at 770-757-8218

What Makes Things Cool? Or Why Everybody Isn’t Cool.


What Makes Things Cool? Or Why everybody isn’t cool.

Interesting research on what makes things cool and why “Just Say No” campaign doesn’t work.  Hint: It may be better to tell adolescents that everybody’s doing it if you wan them to stop.

I wonder how this Journal of Consumer Research could be used to help stop violence against women on campus?

1 is 2 Many – Men Can Stop Sexual Assault on Campus

Men cause rape and men can stop it. Men need to get involved and hold other men accountable. Stop sexual assault. Be part of the solution, guys.

Propeller Incubator in NOLA

Propeller a force for social innovation

Propeller a force for social innovation

Propeller Incubator in NOLA

I’m excited to visit Danielle Kraus and team in New Orleans this weekend.  Ready to share some best practices adn learn form others involved in Lean for Social Good.  Especially when it is aligned with Another Good Day Ventures vision of For Good. For Profit.

Here’s a little info on Propeller from their website.

The Propeller Incubator is a shared work space offering a relaxed environment to be productive and collaborate with fellow innovators. Our co-working space is home to a creative and diverse group of entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, non-profits, and foundations whose work is making a difference in New Orleans.

Tenants have several work and meeting options to fit their needs. You’ll soon forget why you worked out of coffee shops all those years or kept trying to focus while working from home. Schedule a tour with Incubator Manager Danielle Kraus ( and experience how the Propeller Incubator might be just what you’ve been looking for. Join the 80+ organizations who are currently members.

Georgia Tech fraternity suspended for culture of violence against women.

Phi Kappa Tau at Georgia Tech

Phi Kappa Tau at Georgia Tech

Only men can stop rape on campus. It’s time to stand up and be a man.

The actual details are worse than reported, but it’s important to celebrate small victories. The Phi Kappa Tau fraternity has been suspended. It took to long. But better late than never comes to mind.

Georgia Tech suspended Phi Kappa Tau fraternity today. The 11 Alive news story makes it sound like the fraternity was suspended related to the earlier rape email. The actual situation was much worse. The investigation uncovered a long standing culture of sexual assault.

There are even actual sexual assault reports.

The campus newspaper published minutes from fraternity meetings. Songs, jokes and other incredible meeting minutes demonstrate a culture that was obvious in the October rape email.

Read the graphic meeting minutes for yourself if you think it’s just “boys being boys.”

Imagine if the fraternity was banned years ago? Daughters would have been saved. But, somehow it was okay. Business as usual.

To be fair to GT. This isn’t a GT issue. The CDC reports 20 percent of college women are sexually assaulted at college. As campus reporting continues to improve the details may be enough to cause enough outrage or lost federal funding to change make behavior.

It’s time to stand up and be a man. Only men can stop rape on campus.