Where’s My Money Go

ADG Ventures Investment

Every day is another good day for business. Warren Buffet is attributed with saying, “Business isn’t the Olympics. There are not extra points for degree of difficulty.” AGD Ventures agrees. A well run business with good cash flow can be a lot more interesting and have a higher return than unproven ideas with great potential. We are interested in building a diverse portfolio. Our investments are financial, smart money or advisory.

Business that are profitable can be socially responsible. It is possible to be For Good, For Profit. I do a lot of fundraising and asking for handouts is no way to make a living. Profitable business are sustainable and typically more scalable. I like to find businesses that are fundamentally good businesses. If you are looking to become an instant millionaire (or billionaire) you probably need to talk to someone else. I don’t buy lottery tickets so I won’t invest in businesses built on chance.

Here is a sample of my portfolio. Some are financial, operating, smart-money investments, others are advisory, mentor or community related. Some are home runs, others may strike out, but every one has solid value at the heart.

  • HRworks
  • HRworks Recruitment Compliance
  • Flo Healthcare
  • Butterfly Women’s Health
  • SD&A Teleservices
  • Inter-Axis
  • Borrowed by Design
  • Rent a Bike
  • Warranty Automobile Services
  • Educational Background Verification
  • Bar Bands
  • Technical College System of Georgia Foundation
  • Team Type 1 Foundation
  • JDRF
  • CF Foundation
  • CHARITYworks
  • Hire One Hero
  • Made ATL
  • Zuit.co
  • Sorting Cat / SCat
  • Disrupt Rape / HEARR Ye
  • 3G – Graduation Gap Grant
  • Epic Quest

If you would like to share your story, please contact us.

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