A little insight

Lovers bow tie detail

Lovers bow tie detail

A little insight

We live in a world where dreams come true with focus and hard work.  Every day is another good day when you walk in the right direction.  AGD Ventures occupies the space where business, art, family, friends, community and a life well lived overlap. We do things that are valuable, that we can do and others aren’t doing.

Our vision and mission drive our choices.


  • Simply Better
  • Dreams Come True
  • Create Legacy
  • Wholelifeistic 


  • Sustainable, Scalable
  • Job Creation
  • For Good, For Profit
  • March on Washington 2063

Our rituals drive our culture.

Ground Rules

  • Respect
  • Be positive, consider negatives
  • Duality exists and both could be right

Good Questions

  • Is it good for our team and the community?
  • Is it simply better?
  • Will it scale?
  • Is it profitable?


  • The hero never gives up.
  • No extra points for degree of difficulty.
  • Be a baker, but own a bakery.
  • Creativity is built upon a standard, not in place of it.

Oh, and bow ties are good, too…

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